Our Henna Packages
Feet- Intricate

Includes intricate henna that fills the tops of your feet and extends to the ankle. The length of this design is the same as the “classic” but it fills up more. Perfect for those that want to match a heavy design on their arms with heavy design on their feet.
Feet- Classic

This package includes simple and minimalistic henna on the feet that extends to the ankle. Brides can choose between a structured design or a more flowy design. This is perfect for those brides who want the focus to be on their hands!
3/4 of Forearm

Includes intricate & custom henna on palms and mid-way up the forearm wrapped seamlessly with a similar intricacy and length around backs of the hands. (Design in picture is above 3/4 of forearm, pls make a note while selecting design coverage)
Up to the Elbow

Includes intricate & custom henna on palms and forearms all the way up to the elbow and wrapping around in a similar style and intricacy on the backs of hands.
1/4 of Forearm

Includes Indo-Arabic style henna with simple, and custom elements. Extends just beyond the wrists paired with a similar style on the backs of the hands.
1/2 of Forearm

Includes full & intricate palms, tops of the hands, and designs extending just past the wrists. Same length as as the Mallika package but more intricate

Henna Reflections

Belly Henna Appointment

In-person appointment for 30-60 mins.
Private Appointment

In-person appointment for 30 mins.